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Getting Married On Catalina Island | Weddings

With its well-deserved reputation as the Island of Romance, Catalina Island has been a destination for weddings for generations. Whether you are looking to elope with just the two of you or celebrate with two hundred, a Catalina Island wedding is a romantic ritual that will imbue your marriage with the magic of this famous island.

Getting married on Catalina Island is a unique way to celebrate your union, allowing you, your beloved and your guests an unforgettable experience that creates memories for a lifetime. This Southern California resort island is a popular destination for weddings of all sizes and services and venues abound.

The Beach

For many couples who choose to get married on Catalina Island, the beach is a natural spot for their ceremony. Catalina beach wedding spots range from quick ceremonies on the sand in Avalon to dramatic private events at secluded seaside locations along the Catalina coast.


There are three churches in Avalon, including the Avalon Community Church, St. Catherine's Catholic Church and the Singing Waters Bible Church.

Private Venues

There are a wide variety of Catalina wedding venues, including the Casino Ballroom, which holds several hundred guests, the Catalina Country Club for a more modest 100 guests, Overlook Hall with great views and many more.

Avalon is the most popular option for a Catalina wedding, but it is far from the only one. Weddings on Catalina Island also take place at Two Harbors, located at the island's remote West End. Although logistics are a bit more complicated, weddings on Catalina Island can also happen at a number of coves along the front side of the island, at a windswept promontory on the isolated windward side of the island or at a picturesque campsite in the island's interior.

Catalina Island is located in Los Angeles County and a marriage license is easy to acquire for all couples. Gay weddings on Catalina Island are also available and all couples will find easy access to wedding services.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals offers convenient accommodations options if you choose to get married on Catalina Island. Our reservation staff is happy to coordinate with you or with your Catalina Island wedding coordinator. We offer a range of Catalina accommodations, including Avalon condos, dramatic villas at Hamilton Cove and convenient Avalon homes. Catalina Island Vacation Rentals also offers the only vacation rentals available at Two Harbors, at Catalina's remote West End.

Choosing a vacation rental for your Catalina Island wedding accommodations provides space, convenience and comfort for you and your wedding guests. Call us today to learn more about how we can help coordinate accommodations for your wedding on Catalina Island.