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28 Feb 2017
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Avalon School is located in Avalon Canyon

Avalon School is located in Avalon Canyon

One of the most fascinating aspects of life on Catalina Island for many visitors is that many of us live on Catalina Island. Working and living here provides a number of rewards and challenges – and the fact that there is a full-time population of families here, means that there is a school here.

Avalon School on Catalina Island is actually three schools in one – elementary, middle and high school students attend classes at the same school. Part of the widely regarded Long Beach Unified School District, Avalon School serves about 650 kids a year, with each graduating class around 40-50 students. Like schools on the mainland, high school sports are a key component of the scholastic experience, with Avalon High School students competing in track, football, volleyball, basketball, softball, basketball and golf, among other athletic pursuits. Students travel to the mainland and other schools in their division travel to the island to compete. Avalon School also has an active theater and music program.

Avalon also has two pre-schools: a cooperative pre-school called PLAY, which operates out of the old Bird Park in Avalon Canyon; and Catalina Kid Ventures, which serves toddlers and preschoolers at its facility near Avalon City Hall.