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20 Mar 2017
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Photo credit: Wikipedia

Catalina Island’s high-energy fliers

Two of Catalina Island’s most fascinating bird species are also its smallest. With wings that beat faster than our eyes can register, these winged acrobats are an endless source of fascination. Anna’s Hummingbird is the more common species, but Catalina is also home to Allen’s Hummingbird. Both species live on the island year round, although on the mainland, Allen’s Hummingbirds usually migrate in the winter.

Male Allen’s Hummingbirds have bronze and green back and head with a coppery red throat. Anna’s males on the other hand, have a scarlet throat and a more metallic green back. Females of both species, which don’t have the distinctive throat colors, can be very difficult to differentiate, especially for amateur birders.

Both species can frequently be found in Avalon, attracted to the many feeders and flowers in the quaint town. The territorial birds zip and dive, screeching challenges to interlopers. Particularly popular feeders may host dozens of hummingbirds, all eager for the nectar – natural or human provided – that sustains their high-energy lifestyle.