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4 Mar 2017
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Parasailing with Island Water Charters

While Catalina Island abounds with land-based activities, including hiking, shopping and relaxing, the Pacific Ocean calls to most visitors. Whether they are drawn to soar above the waves or plunge beneath the surface, Island Water Charters and Catalina Divers Supply can provide the adventure.

Island Water Charters is home to three vessels, all of which are ideally designed for parasailing and Catalina Island’s newest adventure – tubing. Parasailing, which, once you get past the thrill of soaring several hundred feet above the sea, is actually rather relaxing. With nothing but the peaceful sounds of the breeze lufting the parasail, adventurers can relax and unwind while getting a view of Avalon normally reserved for the birds. Island Water Charters recently added tubing to its line-up of adventures. Open to two or three tubers at a time, this high-speed escapade involves riding an inflatable inner tube while being pulled behind a vessel. Depending on the seas and how much adrenaline is deserved, tubing can range from unique sight-seeing cruise to a rodeo of spins, dips and launches reminiscent of a bull ride.

The island’s oldest dive shop, Catalina Divers Supply features a full-service dive shop on Avalon’s green Pleasure Pier, an air fill station at the Casino Dive Park and the Scuba Cat, a comfortable dive boat available for day trips. Catalina Divers Supply offers Discover Scuba, an opportunity for non-certified divers to experience the thrill of the underwater world as well as guided dives, gear rental, air fills, dive classes and certification courses. Snorkeling is also available, including gear rental, boat trips and guided snorkels.