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16 Mar 2017
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Rain brings Catalina hillside to life

Traditionally, Catalina in spring was a time of transformation. The island changed color, watering holes filled and flowers dappled the hillsides. For the last several years, drought had changed that. Rather than greener, each year it seemed that the island became browner, as parched hillsides succumbed to the constant dearth of water.

All that has changed. With more than 20 inches of rain since autumn, Santa Catalina is seeing a springtime transformation the likes of which has not been witnessed in years. That generous rainfall has renewed Catalina Island, bringing verdant hills, cascading waterfalls and ponds brimming with water. Haypress, a watering hole just outside of Avalon, is now filled to overflowing. Streams have appeared all around the island – including small waterfalls just outside of Avalon. And Mother Nature’s resilience has brought those brown hillsides bursting to life, spreading a carpet of emerald, jade and sage across the island.

Those green hillsides are also beginning to be dappled with color as the island’s native wildflowers bring blue and red, yellow and orange. With names as colorful as their petals, shooting stars, blue dicks, Indian paintbrush and more are bursting from the earth in numbers not seen in years. Plan a Catalina vacation and experience the island’s renewal for yourself.