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28 Feb 2017
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Golf carts a common choice for Catalina transportation

Golf carts are a common choice for Catalina transportation

One of the first things that visitors to Catalina Island notice is the prevalence of golf carts. Normally seen only on the links, these petite vehicles serve as primary transportation in Avalon, with families and individuals alike using golf carts for grocery shopping, errand running and visits with friends.

Unlike full-size vehicles, which have a 20-year-plus waiting list in Avalon, golf carts are available for every Avalon household, making them a viable alternative for travel within the city. Even though the vehicles are strictly prohibited in the interior of the island, they are effective on Avalon’s quaint streets and petite parking spots. Whether gasoline powered or electric, golf carts are an essential component of the Catalina transportation fabric.

Many of Catalina Island Vacation Rental properties, particularly those at Hamilton Cove, include the use of a golf cart during your stay. This convenient amenity provides guests with an opportune option for dinner transportation, grocery shopping and touring Avalon for which most visitors must pay $50 an hour. While Avalon is small and convenient enough to make walking your primary means of transportation, Catalina Island Vacation Rentals offers many properties with golf carts.