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3 Mar 2017
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Catalina is a perfect spot for a long-term winter getaway

Catalina is a perfect spot for a long-term winter getaway

Catalina Island has long called to artists and writers. A muse to generations of creative individuals, the island offers a respite, where the cares of real life slip away and imagination can come to life. Whether you are looking to try out a new medium for your art, finish up your thesis or write the next great American novel this southern California island resort may be just the place to do it.

There’s no better time to connect with the muse that is Santa Catalina Island than in the winter. Although the days are shorter, life seems more concentrated during January and February. As in much of Southern California, Catalina Island weather is nearly always mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 45 degrees, even on the coldest of nights. Winter is a great time to take a sabbatical and let your inspiration guide you. The Catalina off-season also presents a number of opportunities for housing. Quaint cottages, Avalon condos and Hamilton Villas alike are frequently available in the winter for longer stays. Catalina Island Vacation Rentals – and it’s friendly, knowledgeable staff—can provide a number of options for longer term rentals. Call  877.658.8376 for more information.