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25 Nov 2017
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Catalina Island offers a unique Christmas destination. The perfect alternative to your annual holiday tradition, whether you are looking to get the entire family away from the mainland or skip the family fun and run away with just the two of you. Many of the restaurants on Catalina Island will be open on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Catalina activities, including hiking, snorkeling and golf will be available and the Island’s small town charm and sweeping natural beauty are just the thing to remind you of the reasons for the seasons.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals offers the idea Catalina accommodations option during the holidays. With plenty of room to recreate your holiday traditions – or create new ones – a Catalina home away from home will provide you with an oasis of comfort during your holiday getaway. If you just have to have a place to hang your Christmas stockings with care, CIVR offers plenty of Catalina vacation rentals with fireplaces and mantle. Mantle or not, Santa has been visiting the island for hundreds of years and has no trouble tracking down Catalina vacationers.

Visit our website to book your Catalina holiday vacation today — afterall, over the channel and across the waves sound like it’s much more fun than over the river and through the woods.