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30 May 2022
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The Casino Ballroom balcony is a great spot to experience Fourth of July on Catalina Island

Fourth of July on Catalina Island

Fireworks, parades and barbecues happen all over the country on Fourth of July. Independence Day just wouldn’t be the same without these icons of Americana. Fourth of July on Catalina Island is no different, but our parade is made up mostly of golf carts, our live music features our very own local bands and our fireworks echo over Avalon Harbor.

This year, the University of Southern California Marching Band will take over the Wrigley Stage on July 3rd at 3pm.

Avalon’s Fourth of July Parade has filling Crescent Avenue for decades. Composed almost entirely of decorated golf carts, the parade is open to anyone who would like to show off their patriotic spirit.The parade starts at 1 p.m. and spectators tend to claim their spots an hour or so before hand.

Speaking of fireworks, Avalon’s are not to be missed. Starting at 9pm approx. Anywhere along the waterfront or in the hills surrounding the town is a great spot to catch the display, which is reflected in Avalon Harbor and echoes resoundingly up Avalon Canyon.

Schedule of Events:

July 3: USC Marching Band Performance - 3 pm
July 4: Fourth of July Celebration
Golf Cart Parade - 1 pm
Dinghy Parade - 3:30 pm
Fireworks Show over Avalon Bay - 9 pm