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28 Feb 2017
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Little Harbor's wide sand beach makes it a popular destination for families.

Little Harbor’s wide sand beach makes it a popular destination for families.

Ask any local what their best recommendation is for a truly memorable Catalina Vacation and many of them will say “Get out of town.” They are right. Getting out of Avalon, whether for a tour, a hike or a multi-day expedition is the perfect way to see more of what this dramatic island has to offer.

Dozens of coves and beaches are waiting to be discovered, along with archeological treasures, unique wildlife and dramatic vistas. One of the most popular destinations outside of Avalon is Little Harbor, located on the windward side of Catalina Island. Although it’s located on the windward side, Little Harbor’s setting shields it from the pounding Pacific waves and it offers a relaxing wide sand beach on which to relax. The gradually sloping beach extends out into the shallow, protected cove, making Little Harbor on Catalina a perfect destination for those looking for a family-friendly destination.

This cove was home to generations of native islanders, who had an extensive village in the expansive meadow opposite the beach. That area is now home to a couple dozen campsites, which can be reserved through the Catalina Island Conservancy. Little Harbor can also be reached aboard the Safari Bus or through a private excursion.