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20 Mar 2017
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Avalon Beach includes three sections.

Avalon Beach includes three sections.

Avalon’s beach

Nearly all of Avalon’s visitors are attracted to Catalina Island’s proximity to the ocean. No matter where you are in this quaint city, the sounds and smells of the sea surround you. Getting your feet in the sand and dipping your toes in the Pacific are nearly required activities and the siren call of the beach is irresistible.

Locals typically divide the beach in Avalon into three areas. South Beach, to the right of the green pier as you’re looking toward the mainland; Middle Beach, to the left side of the pier; and Step Beach, on the other side of Bluewater Avalon, Antonio’s Cabaret and Big Olaf’s.

South Beach includes a small area with palapas and tables, perfect for a picnic. Stairs separate the main part of South Beach from the water. In the summer months, the harbor off South Beach is home to the swim float, a favorite spot for the younger set to challenge their swimming skills. Beach Bingo finds a home on the sand of South Beach every Tuesday and Thursday evening during the summer.

Middle Beach is, well, in the middle of Avalon. Like South Beach it is very popular with families and staking out your clan’s place on the sand can become a summer vacation tradition.

Step Beach, located near the Via Casino Arch, is the narrowest of Avalon’s beaches. It gets its name from the set of stairs that lead into the water, making it a popular spot for exercise swimmers.