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3 Mar 2017
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A series of mid-December Pacific storms have brought a welcome drink to drought-parched Catalina Island. Familiar browns and golds have begun a transformation into a verdant green. That lush green will blanket the Santa Catalina hills for months, especially if Mother Nature cooperates with more rain. In early spring wildflowers will begin to emerge, dappling the emerald blanket with blues, yellows and reds.

While the first winter storms were greeted with grateful soil, rain-dancing locals and puddling-jumping kids, they were not nearly enough to bring the Catalina Island drought to an end. Like much of California, the island has been parched by below-average rainfall for several years, leading to a cumulative deficit that will take more than a few mild storms to rectify.

Careful use of Catalina Island’s limited water resources is encouraged for both locals and residents. Shorter showers, shutting off the water when not in use and only using full loads for dishes and clothes washing are just a ways that you can help preserve the water supply when visiting the island. You may notice a few other concessions to the drought in places you visit – particularly in restaurants, which no longer serve tap water to their guests. For more information about conserving water on Catalina Island, please visit the waterwise page on Catalina Island Vacation Rentals website.